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60*40 CM POSTER / 10.5*7.4 CM STICKER

People know me as a girl who draw parted birds. Here, on that page i want to say: after while i find my project, its initial goal and statement infantile. So I have no desire and enough motivation to finish and publish an iPad-book.

NO MORE ANYTHING ABOUT BIRDS, ANYTHING ABOUT NATURE IN THE KNOWN WAY. THE STATEMENT I WROTE WAS JUST A STEP, JUST SOME LITTLE QUESTIONS AND SOME LITTLE WISHES. I AM NOT REALLY INTERESTED IN BIRDS BUT INTERESTED IN OUR WORLD, ITS EVOLUTION AND ITS DANGERS, interested in nature in its matter, not in its shape and aesthetic constituent. THESE SMALL QUESTIONS FROM THE PAST BECOME HUGE AND I HAVE NO IDEA what i can do with BIRDS, they obviously can't give answers on the universe questions. Birds are just beautiful, they are just a shape, if you don't mind, if i may covering. Maybe i grew up and things like that become secondary in my mind. Birds are not the real nature, they are just a "result"of nature, they are her manifestation, if you understand me right. The real is more and more deep. Its very hard to tell about this using words, maybe Carl Jung does it better:

"The world hangs on a thin thread, and that is the psyche of man… Nowadays we are not threatened by elementary catastrophes. There’s no such thing as an H-bomb. That is all man’s doing. We are the great danger. Psyche is the great danger.What is something goes wrong with the psyche?

…and it is demonstrated to us in our days what the power the psyche is, or man, how important it is to know something about it. But we know nothing about it. Nobody would give credit to the idea that the psychical processes of the ordinary man have any importance whatever. One thinks: all he has just what he has in his head, it is all from his surroundings. He is taught such and such a thing, believes such and such a thing… And he has no idea of the world. THAT’S THE GREAT MISTAKE! Because he is just that as which he is born and he is not born as a tabula rasa, but as a reality".

THANKS EVERYONE FOR LOVE TO THE BIRDS, thanks everyone who are waiting for the iPad-book. IF YOU WANT YOU CAN ORDER POSTER OR STICKERS. Also I'm still ready to draw for you something beautiful and waiting for any kind of work, just let me know. welcome!

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"This book will be dedicated to the beauty and strength of nature. The object is to show that nature is the best artist, designer, sculptor, architect etc. To show its multiformity and completeness. And so we must do our best to save nature. Drawing only parts of the birds is a symbolic call to preserve nature in full (most of the birds are taken from the Red Book).

On the other hand, I want to perform my own 'revolution'. Since I could remember my so recent childhood, I have never been attracted to nature. Neither of its aesthetics nor its "school" ideology, which was available in those days to my perception. Nature pictures its self as a boring landscape of "native" spaces, mushrooms under the birch forest with a squirrel. In a word, nothing of nature could make me particularly interested. Both in the real life and in art. Now I have a huge difficulty is not to describe, but at least catch that revolutionary moment in my mind, when nature had a new look for me - a frightening and inspiring. Maybe this so-called revolution is rather standard, and to some degree happens with every child, but for me it's a very important thing.

I' d like to present my book in that way, so people could not only understand but also feel, let it be a desperate attempt, but still try. Indeed, to really understand nature is possible only in that case, if "sense" (perception) of a single person coincides with nature.